Haut Espoir is a boutique wine farm in the corner of Franschhoek, South Africa. The farm is completely family driven, with mom, dad, kids and extended family all having a hand in the day to day operations of the farm.

The High Hope (literal translation of the name Haut Espoir) at the farm is to make the absolute best wines on offer. As such, we use only the best materials from planting to maintenance of the vineyards, from harvest times to barrels and yeasts. Every step is given extra time, and the word “rush” is the only word you will probably never hear on the farm. We will not take a single step we are not 100% happy with, and as a result, our vintage list is generally a few years older than what is the norm for South African wine.

Patience and belief are two words that best describe the way we go about getting our wines to market, all around the world, but our hearts remain here, in the French corner, Franschoek. Indeed, even those of us not directly related but working at the farm feel like family to the Armstrong clan here in the valley.

Protea Cynaroides

Haut Espoir is as famous for its conservation efforts as it is for it’s wines. From our BWI accreditation and efforts to restore the farm, to our Fynbos Friday posts to hopefully educate the public, our dreams are for sustainable farming and development not only on our farm, but the entire wine industry.

Please have a look around our web presence and discover what the farm is about, where you can find our wines and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions for anybody at the farm, no matter how arbitrary the question may sound to you. It’s important to us.