Harvest 2015 and some farm news

Its been a while and you have probably noticed a few changes recently. On the world wide webs, we have launched our new and improved web site, many thanks to my little Sister, Laura, who is an amazing person and photographer and apparently not too bad at web stuff either.... http://lauraforest.com/

Other news is that Simon Thompson has joined the team from the Banghoek valley, and will be using the space in the cellar that I don't need; to custom crush about 100 tons for a nice bunch of clients.   With the change to Bio Dynamics a few years back, our tonnage has dropped significantly and,  last year I only used about 7 % of the space in the cellar, and it costs the same to run the cooling and lights and cleaning etc as if it was 100% full, so a mutually beneficial and sustainable approach has been taken to make some income from Custom Crush facilities.

The farms grapes are looking decent this year, they have responded well to the BD500 preps we used, the soil is looking healthy and the flavours are developing late, some of the grapes haven't even turned colour yet, but we are used to harvesting later than every one else so its nothing new.  I reckon we will be looking at about 10 tons in total off the farm for Haut Espoir wines, and as soon as its fermenting will let you all know. 

And i think the biggest change we are undergoing is that from February we will no longer be by appointment only, and we have refurbished the tasting and you will be welcomed by one of us up here to sit, relax, taste the wines and enjoy the view.   If you would like to make sure that you have a cellar tour and or fynbos walk then please give me a heads up. See you soon.