• Earth Day and a reflective walk

    It’s #EarthDay today . What a day to be alive.

    The future is not laid out in stone. Things will change, and our ability to survive as a  species will be tested. However, to have the space and the ability to reflect on the  past, note what worked, what didn’t work, and use the time to reflect on the past  to gain a conscious perspective on what is coming next, is what I am eternally  grateful for. 

    As I so often hear, its always darkest before the dawn. And this reminds me of words I saw down at our Franschhoek Hugenot memorial, Post tenebras lux. After darkness there is light.

  • Woo's wine club

      Remember Woo, the mongoose we rehabbed while she was getting used to the fynbos?She is now the feature on our special Wine Club wine bottles.Ha...